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January 2008
<p>-Cobbar photography <p>-Lee Gifford <p>-Steve Yancy <p>-Sean Roney <p>-Isaac Suttell <p>-Brian Fischer <p>-Richard Arbuckle <p>-Gene Lee- SI project <p>-Digital Dimensions <p>-Benford Stanley <p>-UGMX san jose <p>-X studio productions- the valley <p>-GUSTAVO LOERA- los angeles/ sf artist <p>-12 Corosones- Special guest model/ character on Telemundo tv show- shot in Van Nuys. <p> Girl of the Day <p>-Facebook the Magazine- featured model <p>-Advertising for Paso Robles Film Festival(wine girl) <p>-Avlon Hair products/ promo @ long beach convention center <p> model interview <p> featured model article/interview <p>-That 80's Show- Featured model

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